How to find a fast selling product on Amazon

If you want to become an Amazon seller or eventually a store owner, your first goal is to find a trendy product that will support you in the early stages of your store. One of our clients was planning to enter the e-commerce industry and needed personal assistance.

How to find a fast-selling product on Amazon

If you’ve been looking into becoming a seller on Amazon, you know that the most integral and very first step before starting is to decide the kind of product you want to sell. If you have nothing to sell, you can’t be a seller, and that is exactly what one of our clients had to decide on when we first met him.

Although he has been planning to enter the e-commerce industry for quite a while, he never could decide on what to sell and turned to us for professional assistance; today, he generates thousands of dollars in profit by selling the product we found for him.

About the Client

Our client was completely new to the Amazon game, and despite his hours of research on how to build a store, and other detailed matters, he could not decide on what he wanted to sell. Regardless, he did want to find an item that he wanted to sell out as fast as possible.

Fast-selling products aren’t hard to come by; in fact, one could go on social media right now, take a look at something trending and stock up on it if it was that special. No, sellers need a product that not only sells fast but doesn’t fall out of popularity due to seasonal or trend changes, all while guaranteeing a high-profit margin, and that is exactly what we gave our client.

The very first thing we did in order to help out our client was to analyze his budget and look at what he was willing to spend; after taking his budget into account, we scoured the web to find a trending product that was easy to get a hold of, as well as get a high ROI on selling it.

How We Helped

After surfing the web and making calculations for hours on end, we finally came across a product that was profitable and affordable to get a hold of yet was trending all over platforms like Twitter and TikTok, and what it was might surprise you.

Our winning product happened to be a vegetable slicer of all items, and there were a few reasons why such a product sold out quickly as it did. We realized that a famous cooking influencer had been seen using the item and had recommended it to her audience without being sponsored. We realize this is what it made it so popular in the cooking community, and due to the fact that cooking and food are year-round items, we recommended our client purchase these specific food slicers that only cost around $2 a piece but were going for as high as $15.on Amazon.

Not only was it high in profitability and in demand, but it was also a product that was easy to manufacture and had multiple suppliers; this made it possible to prevent shortages and always help our client stay on top of his inventory.

What We Achieved in a Month

Despite not having much of a plan on what to sell, our client was satisfied with a combination of skills, resourcefulness and deep insights into the way the online world works, something our experts were able to not just guide him through, but actually deliver results. We helped our client:

  • Enhance ROI by 58%
  • Stay on top of inventory management
  • Get on top of the competition
  • Ensure a well-rooted Amazon strategy