boost your sales by 63% using our amazon DSP ADS services

In this case study, we can show you the secret techniques by which we can boost our US client’s sales Up to 63% by using our Amazon DSP ADS services. Her business was suffering from decreasing revenue and barely generating sales.

How We Enhance Sales of a US Client by 63% Using Amazon DSP Ads

As a seller on Amazon, a client’s first objective is to enhance sales and turn in as much profit as possible. However, one of our clients had recently been struggling to generate the sales she wanted and was having trouble keeping her business afloat. Despite the numerous setbacks, she didn’t lose hope and managed to not only enhance sales but do so by a whopping 63% by hiring VAamazon and here’s how.

About the Client

Our client was a relative newcomer in the e-commerce industry with little experience in the intricacies involved with managing and maintaining her store that sold paper-based flowers, a niche that, despite her lack of experience, quickly gained a loyal following due to their extremely high quality as well as her constant interaction with her clients.

However, the issue lay in the fact that she wasn’t able to reach a new audience besides the one she had already accumulated, and she wanted to generate more sales if she was to take her Amazon store to the next level. This is where we came in.

We thoroughly analyzed the situation by looking at sellers of a similar niche as well as identifying the problems that both the client had informed us about as well as the ones she couldn’t, and helped prepare a strategy that worked best just for her.

How Our Services Helped

Since the client was very determined about what she wanted and didn’t daily-dally about the metric she wanted to focus on, we got to prepare a strategy to enhance sales more than anything. Although we used a cumulation of methods to achieve this, one of the biggest factors that helped us in increasing the number of sales she got was by pinpointing potential customers through the use of Amazon DSP ads.

One of the most basic fundamentals for acquiring more sales is through acquiring more leads; by enhancing her reach exponentially, we reached a lot more people than our client could have expected, and not only did we reach more people, we reached the right people.

By ensuring that the people we reached were people most likely to be interested in her products through meticulous research and analysis, we helped her better her conversion and ultimately increase sales by a whopping 63%.

Optimizing DSP Ads

The very first step we took when it came to DSP Ads, as mentioned before, was ensuring we had the right people in mind that we wanted to reach; after a thorough and comprehensive discussion with the client with a mix of our own research into the niche, we created a character persona that would be most likely to purchase the paper-based flowers that our client was selling depending on a variety of factors such as age, gender, location, and interests.
After idealizing who we had in mind, we were able to target the exact customers that would be most likely to buy the client’s product and thereby ensuring that our strategy was not just effective but also cost-efficient in every way possible.
We also ensured that alongside new customers, we were also retargeting existing customers to make use of the already existing brand loyalty she had developed.

The Benefits of the First Month

To be fair, marketing on Amazon is a process that takes time and effort and isn’t something that can be achieved overnight; but with the skillful work done by our experts as well as the high-quality products that our customer was offering, we were able to:

  • Enhance sales by 63%
  • Increase reach by 87%
  • Optimize ROI by 54%
  • Reattract 41% of previous customers
  • Up brand identity