boost sales on amazon by 73% with product listing SEO

As the realm of Amazon changes, businesses will become more dependent on unique product listing optimization to be on the top search results of Amazon. This will lower the cost of ads and boost the product’s reach among potential buyers.

How We Boost Sales on Amazon by 73% with Our Unique Product Listing Optimisation

Product listing has come a long way from when we first started, and for the better, too; tremendous amounts of businesses now rely on listing optimization to take them on top of SERPs on Amazon organically in order to reduce costs while enhancing their reach as well as potential customers. However, a lot of clients feel like they should simply go with DSP ads, and that is precisely what our client went through when we first met them.

About the Client

Our client had been running an Amazon store for some time and was relying on another marketing agency for a while; his primary leads came through DSP ads, and that was pretty much it. There was nothing out of the ordinary that the other marketing agency was doing for him, nor did they make the effort to, and as competitive of a field Amazon is, this didn’t slide and he saw a significant decrease in the number of leads and sales he was making. After months of low results, he decided to part ways with his old marketing agency, and that is when he turned to Vaamazon.

Upon looking at his seller account, we right away noticed the mess that it had been; long descriptions, improper headings, no keyword utilization, and not even the images they used were of any benefit as they looked like they had been shot on a Nokia from the early 2010s. The lack of quality descriptions was what caught our eye the most since if people weren’t searching the terms he was using; his DSP ads would never do him any justice.

After a lengthy explanation of describing to him the issues we found, we finally got to work and immediately started to work on optimizing his product listings first and foremost.

How it Helped Our Client

Our client, despite how much he favored DSP ads, had to realize that his low-quality product descriptions led to a negative impact on the ads he was running, too, and due to the low-quality ads, he was forced to expand his budget.

Just by optimizing his product listings alone, we were able to enhance his sales by up to 43% organically and optimized his ROI by a staggering 52% in the first quarter alone.

Furthermore, our client was now able to compete alongside the major contenders within his industry without appearing as someone whose products were of lesser quality.

The Benefits of the First Month Alone

Product listing optimization is similar to SEO; whereas you can think of DSP ads as PPC, listing optimization takes time and consistent modification for us to be able to track and manage any real growth, but we’re lucky to say that the first month alone was so successful, that our client has remained loyal to us ever since he first came to us all those years ago and has never looked back.

We were able to provide him with:

  • Enhance ROI by 58%
  • Stay on top of inventory management
  • Get on top of the competition
  • Ensure a well-rooted Amazon strategy