find the best product to sell on amazon

Market evaluation is the first thing we focus on when finding a product that’s right for you, and there are several mechanisms and tactics we prioritize to find products that are both high in demand and profitable. Our product hunting for Amazon uses both automated and manual methods of search and selection to meet your needs.

product research services

Our product hunting for Amazon includes analysis of the marketplace to find the best product that’s most suitable for you. We find accurate estimates, study competition, budgeting, and popular searches on Amazon before providing you with your “top-notch” product.

competition research and analysis

  • Trends across the globe
  • Total demand
  • Consumer psyche
  • Search Volume
  • Pricing
  • Sales response

product research & analysis to help you grow

  • Price gap
  • Monthly sales revenue
  • Review

keywords research & analysis

  • Search trends
  • Competitive analysis
  • Search volume
  • Seasonality

niche analysis

To get on top of the vast competition, Vaamazon goes all in to curate the perfect niche for your brand. We use the system to promote small brands to make powerful impacts in the e-Commerce market.

  • Location-based research
  • Sourcing
  • Behavioral interests
  • Ease of delivery
  • Samples
  • Affordability

profitability analysis

Our product-hunting strategy places great emphasis on conducting a thorough analysis of profit margins. This enables us to help brands make the most of the right products. We carefully examine the margins, taking into consideration various factors such as supplier restrictions, logistics costs, BSR, and performance reviews.

Additionally, we assess the competitiveness of the prices, the level of seller saturation, the sustainability of demand, the limitations of logistics, the fluctuations in demand, and the performance of products to ensure that our strategy is comprehensive.

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keyword research

Vaamazon guarantees thoroughness in our Amazon keyword research plans and aims for less competitive and high ROI keywords. We look at our strategy from the consumer’s perspective and curate a strategy based on that.

We enhance your sales with better visibility of your products on Amazon by using the relevant long-tail search terms, the correct product and title descriptions and ensuring your images are marked with the correct tags.

bring your e-commerce business to the top

We have the necessary experience to achieve great feats of e-Commerce growth using the best technical strategies as mentioned below.


Data Driven

Every step in our strategy is guided by data and factual findings, ensuring precision in product hunting.

Strategical Insights

We cherish data and meticulously evaluate strategy insights to enhance their performance and relevance in product hunting.

Growth Centric

We prioritize website traffic, sales, and ROI growth as our key performance indicators, committed to amplifying those sales through product hunting.


Our customer-centric approach aims to empower small and medium-sized brands with affordable product hunting plans that are laser-focused.

Impeccable Management

Leveraging our e-Commerce expertise, we provide optimal management for your storefront, enhancing product hunting efforts.

Verified Experts

Our dedicated team of Amazon marketing experts is devoted to propelling your online sales through effective product hunting strategies.

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Lorena Barreto

Chicago, USA

I am an experienced Amazon seller and have multiple FBA accounts there and that is why I am in a continuous search for new products to sell on my Amazon accounts. For this continuous need I hired Vaamazon’s product hunting services and believe me they really helped me out and I consider them as my partner now.


Freddie Mason

Calgary, Canada

I am an experienced Amazon seller and have multiple FBA accounts there which is why I am constantly searching for new products to sell on my Amazon accounts. For this constant need, I hired Vaamazon’s product hunting services, and I believe they really helped me out, and I consider them my partner now.


Thomas Lincoln

Perth, Australia

Product hunting for our Amazon account is a very time consuming and difficult task, To save our energy and time, we hired Vaamazon’s services. We found Vaamazon very beneficial for our business they are a team of professionals who come up with great product ideas.